Why Choose IWDS Over Other Company

IWDS is an individual company and also a market leader associated with major remodeling and resale of used pallet racking. All of our manufactrued pallet racks are light-weight, easy to move and also cantilever rack. Used Pallet Sheet is definitely an cost-effective substitute for purchasing completely new Pallet Sheet, typically is less costly than fresh racking and we can assure them in excellent condition too. On Storage-Shelves, each of our skilled deck hands associated with installers get installed all sorts, types, and also producers associated with Used Pallet Sheet.

Contact me in 928-503-4405 (office), 928-941-0869(cell) or just shoot me a mail at:  Geoff@iwdssales.com

We are best at what we do. Consider us because IWDS have

– Practical knowledge in promoting several models and also kinds of pallet rack, pallet shelves, Pallet rack, Mezzanine, Pallet flow, Dock levelers, Truck restraints etc.
– We save your cost in maintaining and installation.
– We can transport within 2 or 3 days.
–  Our custom solutions are built to maximize savings. From our efficient in-house engineering to the minimum downtime to install, our turnkey structures provide the space and efficiency you need without costly renovations

Just before you decide to choose any other company, please visit us or give us a call. We can make a special deal just for you.

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