DoubleWide Drive-In

By being able to increase handling times by two, Doublewide Drive-In customers enjoy reduced labor and equipment costs. Imagine eliminating the trips from the loading dock by half!

DoubleWide Drive-In System Information

Doublewide Drive-In is a bulk storage racking system that offers increased productivity through dual pallet handling.

Doublewide Drive-In is used throughout the world in a variety of applications; manufacturing, cold storage, food and beverage manufacturing, beverage distribution and many other bulk storage applications.

Principle of Doublewide Drive-In

Today, many companies store multiple pallets of the same SKU on the floor and can only stack them 2 or 3 high in bulk stacks and move them one at a time. Doublewide Drive-In quickly turns slow operations into high capacity high throughput operations. Doublewide Drive-In accomplishes these operational improvements by building pallet racking above the floor stacked pallets. Instead of making single rows of the same SKU now operations must stack them side by side. A quick Single Double forklift attachment can be added to your forklifts, this alone will double your productivity.

What are the benefits of Doublewide Drive-In?

Increased Storage Capacity

Doublewide Drive-In is one of the densest storage mediums for highly productive applications. When the average warehouse converts to Doublewide Drive-In they see a capacity increase of 50% to 150%.

Benefit #1 – Doublewide Drive-In costs less than moving!
Warehouse moves are very expensive and require many labor hours and capital expenses. The Doublewide Drive-In system increases your storage capacity and utilization without forcing companies to purchase or lease new property. It uses less steel than most storage mediums, the weight of steel is what increases the cost in a racking system. That is why many of the largest companies utilize a Doublewide Drive-In system in their manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Benefit #2 – Increase your manufacturing by reducing your storage!
Manufacturing space is very expensive and many manufacturing plants have increased their manufacturing space by reducing their storage square footage. Many times Doublewide Drive-In has reduced the square footage needed by 50%. This is accomplished by utilizing the space above bulk stacked products. Many products are crushable, the Doublewide Drive-In system eliminates pallet stacking which reduces product damage.

Benefit #3 – Buy less to store more in your cold storage warehouse!
Freezer and cooler warehouse space is very expensive. Cold storage warehouse companies are looking for ways to decrease their footprint without losing pallet positions. Doublewide Drive-In is a low cost solution that offers high capacity solutions to companies that can move two pallets at a time with a Single Double forklift attachment.

Increased Productivity

The bottom line is what keeps many companies profitable and Doublewide Drive-In is a productive system that increases profitability by lowering your bottom line. Doublewide Drive-In increases productivity in a few important areas.

Benefit #1 – Why not move two instead of one!
The Doublewide Drive-In system quickly doubles your productivity through double pallet handling. In order for the Doublewide Drive-In racking system to work it is important that two pallets are placed in the rack at the same time and two pallets are removed at the same time. Travel is the most expensive part of a warehouse operation, moving two pallets at a time quickly reduces travel by 50%.

Benefit #2 – Wider paths are faster!
Drive-in and single rows of bulk stack storage are a slow and ineffective processes. Doublewide Drive-In is basically doublewide drive-in rack; since it offers the operator twice the area to operate the forklift, productivity is greatly increased. The productivity difference between drive-in and Doublewide Drive-In is impressive.

Here is an example…

You just bought a brand new car and it is the first time you are pulling it into your garage. Drive-in rack would be like pulling your new car into a garage with 2 inches of clearance on each side. If this is the case you would drive very slowly and your new car wouldn’t look new for very long. Doublewide Drive-In would be like pulling your new car into a double garage but you get to take up both spots with 6 feet on each side.

Energy Reduction

Warehouse freezers and coolers are difficult and expensive to maintain their needed temperature. Doublewide Drive-In greatly reduces the variance in temperature and quickly reduces the energy costs.

Benefit #1 – Maintain a constant temperature!
Many foods are affected by temperature variance, which can cause freezer burn, spoilage and unwanted changes in flavor and color. One way to reduce temperature variances is to increase total cube utilization. Warehouse cold storage aisles and the space above are what cause most temperature variances. Doublewide Drive-In system fills the warehouse voids with pallet racking allowing cold storage facilities to utilize the entire warehouse thus eliminating temperature variances.

Benefit #2 – Density saves electricity!
One frozen item will keep another very cold. Six frozen items surrounding another will keep it frozen. Due to the density of a Doublewide Drive-In system, electrical savings in freezers create an ROI or payback very quickly.