Magnum Wheel

Magnum Wheel

Industry’s Strongest, Most Reliable Pallet FlowMagnum Wheel

Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow systems are the result of IWDS’s ongoing commitment to providing the most durable, effective flow lanes in the marketplace. Comprised of rugged, reinforced resin material, the Magnum wheel has almost double the wheel capacity compared to competitive polycarbonate-based wheels. The Magnum wheel also has a wider surface, resulting in better pallet tracking and more robust bearings, leading to a longer lifespan.


Most durable pallet flow wheel available
Ideal for heavy loads over 3,000#
Best choice for freezer applications
Lifetime damage warranty!

Magnum is designed to withstand the toughest, busiest warehouse environments – ideal for heavy manufacturing, automotive, freezer, cooler and grocery environments.

Magnum Wheel (2.9” Diameter)


  • Nearly twice the capacity of typical polycarbonate wheels
  • Lifetime Warranty – NO other supplier matches
  • Wider tread width allows superior tracking

Polycarbonate Equivalent (2.9” Diameter)


  • Economical alternative to Magnum wheel
  • Reinforced ribbing helps minimize torsional twisting
  • Comparable to typical industry offerings

Magnum Wheel