Push-Back Storage

Push-Back Storage

Mallard-Push-Back1High Density Push-Back Storage Using Mallard Pallet Flow Rails Mallard Push-Back Racking

Mallard’s push-back rack systems delivers high density storage, pallet and SKU selectivity by lane and easy order selection at the aisle face. Traditional cart and track designs have a maximum depth of 5-6 deep, Mallard’s push-back racking uses heavy-duty pallet flow rails, requiring less vertical height for multiple deep applications up to 12 deep. Pallets are loaded and gently pushed back on slightly inclined rails and flow forward to the aisle face for easily order picking.


  • Promotes Last In First Out (LIFO) storage
  • 90% more storage capacity vs. selective rack
  • Stores multiple SKUs and pallet types in the same lane
  • Stores up to 12 pallets deep in a lane vs. 5 deep using push-back carts
  • Easily converts to pallet flow
  • Promotes selectivity for faster pick rates