Pallet & Carton Flow

Pallet Flow

Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow

Industry’s strongest, most reliable pallet flow
Industry’s strongest, most reliable pallet flow

Full & Split Roller Pallet Flow

Flexible design for all pallet types
Flexible design for all pallet types


Steel Skatewheel Pallet Flow

Durable construction & affordably priced
Durable construction & affordably priced


Speed Controllers

Designed for a variety of weights and environments
Designed for a variety of weights and environments


Quality, Dependability, Flexibility
Mallard’s Pallet Flow designs are engineered to perform and manufactured to last! With custom solutions for ALL applications, from economical shallow depth pick module systems to the most challenging deep lane flow systems in harsh environments. Choose from a variety of system types to meet your unique pallet and application requirements; Full and Split Roller Pallet Flow, Heavy Duty Magnum Wheel and Skate Wheel.

Mallard is the only pallet flow manufacturer to offer a variety of speed controller capacities, uniquely designed for your product weight ranges vs.a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

System Testing – Your Performance Guarantee
At your request, we’ll review and test your system in our lab to ensure positive rates of flow for the long haul. We’ll examine pitch, pallet quality, quantity and spacing of speed controller as well as wheel configuration in each lane. We’ll provide a testing video to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Maximize Storage Capacity: Close to double the storage in the same footprint
  • Increase Throughput: Less travel with consolidated picking and replenishment
  • Decrease Equipment Costs: Few forklifts needed
  • Reduce Labor Expense: Less fork lift travel and pallet handling
  • Better Inventory Control: Ideal for dated and/or perishable goods

Carton Flow

Varying Carton Widths

Dyna-Flo, Dyna-Deck and Rack-Trak
Dyna-Flo, Dyna-Deck and Rack-Trak

Consistent Carton Widths

Cart-Trak, Econo-Flo and Flanged Wheel
Cart-Trak, Econo-Flo and Flanged Wheel


Mallard’s Carton Flow Will Increase Picking Efficiency, Save Labor & Optimize Space
Mallard manufactures the most diverse and flexible line of carton flow products in the industry, designed to handle frequent product mix changes with built in durability for today’s busy warehouse environments and biggest storage challenges. All of our systems are custom designed to your unique application requirements and can be adapted for all types of roll-formed and structural racking.

Concerned about which design to use?
Mallard will help you determine the right system for your application. We can also provide a sample bay to test with your product mix on site.


  • Save space – up to 50% vs. static rack and shelving
  • Increase pick locations – up to 40 locations per bay
  • Reduce travel time and equipment requirements
  • Appreciate immediate labor savings – by up to 50%
  • Dramatically increase productivity